• 07 Voting

Certain SIPs encompass consensus-breaking hard fork upgrades, significantly impacting all stakeholders and every corner of the ecosystem.

These SIP proposals typically require network-wide public voting, open to all STX token holders, whether they are actively participating in the Stacking https://www.stacks.co/learn/stacking consensus mechanism or not.

To date, there have been two such pivotal votes, marking key milestones in our commitment to network enhancement and blockchain governance.

*Stacks developers remain dedicated to ongoing improvements, although over the long term, the frequency of consensus-breaking changes is expected to naturally decrease. As we progress, we look ahead to the next significant milestone in our journey: the Nakamoto & sBTC upgrade, which calls for your participation and vote. This upgrade promises to bring further innovations and advancements to the Stacks blockchain, positioning us at the forefront of step-ahead innovation and reinforcing our commitment to progress and excellence.

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