• 06 How To Propose An Improvement

  1. Draft Your Idea: Begin by drafting your proposal using the official template provided in SIP-000’s “Specification” section, which can be found at this link: SIP-000 Template https://github.com/stacksgov/sips/blob/main/sips/sip-000/sip-000-stacks-improvement-proposal-process.md#specification

  2. SIP Editor Review: Submit your draft proposal to the SIP Editor for review. The SIP Editor will assess the proposal for its adherence to guidelines and standards. Full list of SIP Editors: https://github.com/stacksgov/sips/blob/main/considerations/sip-editors.md

  3. Seek Community Feedback: Actively seek feedback from the Stacks community. You can post your proposal on the Stacks Forum or seek feedback facilitation support from SIP Editors, depending on the stage of development of your idea.

  4. Engage in SIP Community Events: Consider attending biweekly SIP Editors meetings and weekly SIP Community Calls listed on the Stacks Events Calendar for technical assistance and guidance in the SIP process. This collaborative approach helps align your proposal with community goals before formal submission.

  5. Formal PR Submission: If your proposal is well-refined and has received positive feedback, you can make a formal pull request (PR) on the SIP repository. This step is advisable for more polished and developed ideas.

💡We’re calling upon all potential contributors: You have the opportunity to be the architects of the Stacks blockchain's future. Share your SIP ideas and join us in crafting a path forward that's truly extraordinary.

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